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"SHI"Personal IP Development

below are some pieces of a personal project currently in development



Grease Pencil Sketchbook

below are some scenes sketched in blender using the grease pencil tool.


Soviet Inspired Hillscape

Sky Diner / Air Biker Hangout

Mandalorian Inspired Desert Scene

Deep Sea Cruise Scene: created for ImagineFX magazine article





 Here is my 2017 NDA approved CG Generalist Reel, the clips featured showcase my work in 3D Modelling, TexturingShading,

Lighting, Compositing, Animating, etc. Please get in touch for a link to my more substantial NDA restricted reel. 



 I'm James Lewis-Vines, a British concept artist working in the Entertainment Industries. I've been involved in a wide range of productions providing a variety of work such as promotional artworkcharacter designenvironment design and matte painting.

I am currently employed as a full-time Concept Artist at Criterion Games - Electronic Arts working on Star Wars Battlefront 2, unannounced Star Wars Projects and Battlefield V.


I also work on a freelance basis and have contributed to games such as Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War (mobile) Lawbreakers (PC).  In my free time I love to explore new techniques, tools and technologies and apply them to my work. This constant search for new ways to tell stories drives my passion.


Below are a selection of the brands and studios I've had the opportunity to design for : 

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